Ghana Fest 2017 Information

GhanaFest 2017 is unique, in that it incorporates our annual family picnic and BBQ with our Ghana Cultural Night. It will feature a splendid display of Ghanaian and African cultural artifacts, music, dance, and foods and will also bring together local and national personalities, members of ethnocultural groups, and community leaders. The whole day event draw members of the African Descent community in Metro Vancouver, including Jamaicans, Kenyan, Ugandan, Nigerians, Togolese, Liberians, Haitians, Guyanese, Sudanese, Somalis and others. The public event will be open to general public and to non-African/Black members. It will feature cultural dances and performances by Nadu Habobo, African Stages, Joe Amuzu and the Safari League, the Troubadours, the Kara-kata Group and others. Among the activities planned for the day are: a mini soccer, a fashion show, a beauty contest, and a host of traditional West African games, such as ampe, oware, and dame. A youth tent will be in place for the youth to organize their own games and other socializing activities.

Any sponsorship will be greatly appreciated. Please check out the following sponsorship rates for the Fest 2017:


Information for vendors can be obtained from the following vendor registration form.

Please click on the link to fill out the  Vendor Registration Form


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