Diaspora Engagement Think Tank (DETT) and Ghanaian Canadian Chamber of Commerce (GCCC) – Launch in Toronto

The Ghanaian population in Canada has evolved over the last 30 years in Canada with a huge talent pool of Ghanaians made up of Engineers, Lawyers, Computer Scientists, Environmental Engineers, Tradesmen, Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Businesses, Bankers, Accountants, vibrant places of worship (churches/mosques) and many more. What is exciting about the resurgence of the Ghanaian population is, a greater percentage of our population is made up of Generation X and Millennials (Youth and Young Adults). There is a yawning and growing need of the diaspora in Canada to support our local businesses, our diverse population groups, young and old by harnessing the skills of professionals and business leaders in our community for the good of our communities in Canada and our people in Ghana

In light of this aforementioned preamble, the Ghanaian Canadian Association of Ontario (GCAO) aka  Ghana Union had an offsite planning session during the Easter Weekend in Toronto to strategize and respond to the human resources uptick in our community and to harness these talents to help transform our Country Ghana and help build our communities in Canada.

We were also buoyed by the message from the Government of Ghana about citizenship and the recognition of Ghanaians in Diaspora contribution to the transformation of the Ghana. We were encouraged by the setup of the Diaspora Relations office at the Office of the President and the ultimate appointment of one of our own here from Toronto, Ms. Nadia Adongo Musah.

At our offsite planning session, among other declarations, was the proposal to launch the Diaspora Engagement Think Tank and Ghanaian Canadian Chamber of Commerce

  1. The Diaspora Engagement Think Tank  (DETT) is to provide a platform:


  1. To build a skills inventory (bank) of Ghanaians in Canada to provide data on the skills and expertise that can readily be used in Ghana for capacity building, transfer of expertise from the diaspora and related development activities in Canada and Ghana
  2. To work with the Ghana Mission in Canada to understand and leverage the population dynamics of Canadian Ghanaians for effective delivery of services.
  3. To develop database of Ghanaians for developing policy initiatives
  4. To share technological trends and assist to shape policies in Ghana  and Canada to help our homeland Ghana
  5. To leverage this forum to mentor and develop peer help schemes for the up and coming Ghanaian youth for career development and provide positive role models for our youth
  6. For strengthening the capacity of the Ghanaian-Canadian diaspora to promote supplementary and complementary  delivery of Health, Education, Social welfare and related services in Ghana


  1. Ghanaian Canadian Chamber of Commerce (GCCC) aim is


  1. To create a  business forum for Ghanaian Businesses for sourcing
  2. To Collaborate with Canadian Businesses to expand innovate and create market linkages
  3. To liaise with Government of Ghana for Business Investment from Canada to Ghana
  4. To create critical mass of business oriented group for investment in Ghana to support initiatives Ghana’s industrialization
  5. To build capital base for bond sourcing
  6. To assist in alleviating poverty both in Canada and Ghana by supporting social intervention causes
  7. To help our retired professionals share their experiences with the young ones
  8. Explore the idea of Ghanaian Credit Union



We are launching these two pivotal groups in Toronto July 29th, Hilton Hotel (5875 Airport Road) 9:00 am  we are excited that this will help support the Diaspora Relations agenda within the framework of accelerating the development of country Ghana also strengthening our communities here in Canada to help them settle in Ghana

We have extended invitations to Government of Ghana officials and Canadian civic, business leaders and professionals to help to galvanise our people for development. We trust you will respond to make this a reality


Emmanuel C. Duodu

emml.duodu90@hotmail.com 416-357-7237 (Toronto, Canada)

President (Ghana Canadian Association of Ontario) aka Ghana Union

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