On behalf of my fellow executives, entire Ghanaian community in BC, the recipients of the first annual Youth Scholarship Awards, and on my own behalf, I thank the listed individuals and businesses for their contributions to the GCABC Youth Scholarship Fund. Through their generousity, the educational and career dreams of the first awardees will become a reality –Dr. Charles Quist-Adade, GCABC, March, 1, 2010.

HofCBs for 2009

  • Mr. John Alandi
  • Mrs. Alandi
  • Mrs. Beverly Piprah
  • Mr. George Piprah
  • Mr. Steve Adusei of Steventin Engineering, Inc,
  • Mr. Emmanuel Adomako (Sheriff),
  • Dr. Kwawu Agbemenu,
  • African Superstore
  • Royal Entertainment Group
  • Western Union.

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