About us

Our History and Mission:

The Ghana-Canada Association of British Columbia (GCABC) was formed in 1986 with a mission is to serve as a support group for the social and economic development of Ghanaians and Ghanaian-Canadians and others who identify with Ghana who reside in British Columbia.

In addition, the GCABC has as its mission to promote friendship, awareness, participation, understanding and relationship between Ghana and British Columbia in the areas of friendship, trade, commerce and tourism.

Our Purpose:

1) promote and protect the interests of Ghanaian-Canadians in British Columbia.

2) educate ourselves, the youth and the Canadian public about the history, heritage and current affairs of both Ghana-Canada.

3) provide a forum for activities and events that will promote cultural awareness as well as culture exchange between peoples of African descent.

4) undertake and /or sponsor programmes and activities that allow British Columbians to learn about Ghana and her rich culture and traditions

5) liaise and collaborate with organizations with similar interests.

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