Membership Information

Membership of the Ghana Association of BC, is on an individual basis and is open to all Ghanaian citizens resident in BC, spouses of Ghanaians, people of Ghanaian descent and all others who identify with Ghana. All new applicants for membership into Ghana Association of BC must complete and submit a membership application form to the Secretary.

The annual membership fee is $20 ($40 for families).

Membership can also be renewed online

Membership Benefits:

Members enjoy wide-range of benefits, including but not limited to member prices on special events, a forum tomeet as a group to participate, share and contribute to the educational and socio-economic developments of Ghanaians, and play an vital role in building the association and becoming a part of the decision making process.


To be considered active in the association, members are expected to:

  • Pay membership fees annually
  • Attend at least two general meetings in a calendar year.
  • Participate in the association’s activities and attend at least one of its calendar year events.
  • General meetings are held as determined and scheduled by the executive council.

Rights and Privileges:

Any member shall be eligible to stand for executive office, serve on committees and enjoy all other rights and privileges of membership.

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